World Cup 2014 Kicks Off Today

The World Cup 2014 is on! The first match will be played between Brazil and Croatia. Billions of people have freed themselves to be able to watch the matches. The opening ceremony will start off today at 22h00 (Mauritius time) and will last for around half an hour, before lauching the inaugural match (midnight) which will be held at the Sao Paulo. However, this grand event could be perturbed by protestations and strikes, like never before. 
World Cup 2014

Challenge faced by Brazil

The double-challenge faced by Brazil is enormous; not only is it renowned as being the ultimate country of football, but it is now hosting the greatest of all football events on its premises. It will have to demonstrate that it it capable of organising a sports event of this magnitude, in addition to showing the world its football talents.


The construction of the arena where the match will be held has quite many stories behind it. The construction works had been interrupted in the past several times in a row; 3 people even met with death on the construction grounds. Many disturbances have been occurring in the country prior to the big day. Employees of the metro had initially gone on strike. However, they desisted just twenty-four hours before the first match. A partial strike was also organised at many airports in Rio. Many other strikes have also joined this movement. Throughout the country, movements of this kind are being raised t show disapproval against the event.

People worldwide are excited about the World Cup 2014, specially so that Brazil itself, reputed for its football culture, will be hosting the event. However, the Brazilians themselves are not too enthusiastic about it. Why so? Why are the inhabitants of the country repelled at the whole concept such that strikes are being organised all over the country?

Maybe, Brazil being victorious in the first match would start off the event well enough for these problems to subside?

Or, perhaps, those who are strongly in opposition to the event being held in Brazil will not give in?

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