Watch Out: Alcohol Plus Energy Drinks Actually Makes You Drink More

Watch out people: Drinking alcohol with energy drinks actually makes you drink more! The results of a new study suggest that adding energy drinks to alcohol might actually encourage binge drinking because the person might experience a greater want for more drinks. This theory is not confirmed, though it might possibly be the case according to the researcher authoring the paper.


There is a certain myth that adding energy drinks to alcoholic ones would prevent one from getting drunk. You know, such that you can enjoy the drink and simultaneously have a good time, without any black-out where you don’t remember anything. While this might sound like the perfect drinking plan, it is not. A new study has revealed the real effects of this combination on a person’s drinking tendencies. The results showed how the combination of alcohol and energy drinks might lead the person to feeling more thirsty.

The drink mix causes one to yearn for more, as opposed to when the person drinks alcohol only. If people really do this so as not to get drunk, they might really be setting themselves up for great disappointment. This practice may actually lead to the opposite of what they intend: by actually encouraging encourage binge drinking. The results showed that those people who drink the mix (denoted by A+Eds) consume alcohol more than those who do not mix alcohol with the energy drinks.

However, another possibility also exists. The results could be interpreted as people who drink more usually have the tendency to try out the mix as well.

On the other hand, if the first theory were to be true, this would mean that energy drinks could thus be increasing binge drinking if it were to get more and more popular to mix it with alcohol. This would, in turn, increase the evils associated with overdrinking, like car accidents and injuries.

The researcher behind the study, Rebecca McKetin, of the Australian National University’s Centre for Research on Ageing, Health and Well-being, stated that: “We found that when people drink A+Eds that they have a stronger desire to keep drinking than if they drank alcohol on its own. This would mean that someone who drinks A+EDs would want to keep drinking more than their friends who don’t.”

However, the results are not proof in and of themselves that the drink combo actually makes people drink more.

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