Amity Institute of Higher Education Can No More Enroll New Students

The Amity Institute of Higher Education, an Indian university branch situated at Ebene, can no longer take in new students because its courses are not recognised by the body responsible for accreditation in India.

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This year has been marked by many incidents with Indian universities established in mauritius. Many have had troubles with TEC. Now, it is the Amity Institute of Higher Education located at Ebene which has had to bear the wrath of TEC. It can no longer enroll new students, as a consequence. However, those who have already registered will be allowed to pursue their studies at the educational institution. The registration of any new group of students will not be done unless the University Grants Commission (UGC), the Indian counterpart of TEC in India, issues an official document certifying that the courses provided by the institution are recognised.

The official registration of the institution at TEC expired on the 14th of February of this year. From then on, it was decided that it will benefit from an extension till February 2015. As a matter of fact, students are already studying at the Amity Institute of Higher Education. At least, they will be able to graduate from the tertiary educational institution. But, the courses have not obtained accreditation.

Troubles began when the UGC proclaimed that Indian university branches in other countries will not be recognised. TEC has thus showed more caution when it comes to Indian universities located on the island. TEC therefore asked Amity for a document certified by the UGC or the Indian government, which has not yet been provided.

Many of the Indian universities in Mauritius have met with the same problem. However, Amity considers itself to be different, since it is a recognised awarding body in India.

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