“Appel moi vite” – Several Mauritians Scammed by SMS

Many Mauritians have been scammed by SMS lately. They received an SMS telling them to call back on the number. Those who have called back have had their phone credit used up completely after the call. This is not the first time such incidents have happened.

sms scam
During the last few days, many persons have been receiving weird messages on their phone, notifying them to call back on the number. The SMS goes as follows: “Appel moi vite.” Some have reacted to the SMS and called back to be redirected to an answering machine telling them that they have just won a car. You would think it was just a joke, or something. It turned out to be a costly bad joke. Upon hanging up, they realised that all of their phone credit had been exhausted. Baam, just like that.

The SMS seems to be sent from the country Guinea-Bissau, found in west Africa. Those people subscribed to Emtel and Orange are the ones who are being targeted mostly. Orange has, as a consequence, been receiving many complaints. Therefore, it has been decided that the message would thereafter be blocked from reaching those subscribed to Orange.

However, the Public Relation Officer of Mauritius Telecom, Gilbert Deville, has stated that neither Orange nor Emtel is responsible for this. Rather, he has advised the public to take their own precautions by not calling back to suspicious numbers. Besides, it’s not the first time that such messages have been sent to Mauritians. Others in the past have received foreign calls whereby their phone credit was used up.

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