Blue Bay Beach – A Heaven For ‘Sand Thieves’

The invaluable resources of Earth are meant to be used for our own good. Mostly everything on the planet has been subjected for humans to benefit from. This necessitates that the resources are tapped wisely such that humans themselves do not have to bear the negative consequences thereof. Well, some simply do not understand the implications. Or, they just don’t care. People have been allegedly pillaging sand from Blue-Bay beach. The situation entailing ‘sand thieves’ has worsened to such an extent that the word ‘pillage’ is being used to describe what is happening at the beach.

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Tourist operators working at Blue-Bay have reported that some people are looting the beach of its sand. They have attested to the large-scale theft some people have been organising. According to them, as much as the beach is being robbed of its beauty by natural erosion, people are also involved to make the situation worse. They argue that the ‘stolen sand’ is used for construction purposes. The crime has been witnessed by these tour operators: people would wind up at the beach, glean great amounts of sand in buckets and then quickly transport these to their vehicles parked nearby.

One such witness has even been threatened by the criminals such that he has preferred to remain anonymous. It is to be noted that anyone caught collecting sand from beaches is to be sanctioned by law. With this natural and man-made degradation of the beach, stones and rocks are becoming more and more conspicuous, which was not the case long ago, according to the tour operator.

The sand pillage is not their only source of worry though. While Blue-Bay has been earmarked as a marine park to be protected because of its rich coral reef network, some people seem to be disregarding this fact and have indulged in fishing activities in the protected marine zone. Furthermore, Blue-Bay beach is one of the main tourist hubs in that part of the island; it needs to be protected for its own sake and for the country’s economy.

The tour operators complaining of these activities at Blue-Bay wish to notify the authorities of what is happening. They also hope that the public will be informed of the importance of the marine ecosystem so that the beaches and marine environments are protected.

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