Chocolate Thief in Mauritius Threatens Security Guards With Syringe

Mauritians seem to be taking theft to a whole new level. Some days back, a guy stole a JCB from a construction ground at the SSR airport to park it at home as though not caring to hide his crime. Yesterday (22.07.14), another guy seized 15 chocolate bars from a supermarket. The era of JCB-thieves and chocolate-thieves is on; or so it seems.

chocolate thief

The theft was committed in a supermarket in the North of Mauritius where chocolates of the brand Lindt were on sales. Sales or not, Jimmy Jocelyn wanted those chocolates bad, like, real bad. For free. He stole the 15 chocolate bars which amounted to around Rs 2 700. Where there is a will, there is a way, right? He thus managed to get away without paying at the checktout counter. But, he was not to remain unnoticed for long. He was spotted by a security guard.

Chocolate-thief spotted!

The security guard, upon noticing the suspicious man, asked the latter to hand over his ID card. He might have misheard the guard; maybe he heard something like ‘weapon’. When proded by the guard, Jimmy took out an edged weapon (knife) and threatened the latter. Jimmy was desperate to defend himself: in no time, he also took out another ‘weapon’. Deadlier one, according to him. He waved a syringe full of blood at his opponent. He claimed being an HIV-positive patient.

Chocolate-thief neutralised!

He would do anything for chocolates. He would do anything to get away from the security guard to reach home ‘safely’ to relish over the delicacies. What the hell is wrong with people?! Well, his dream of appreciating the Lindt chocolates in peace remained a dream. He was hit by another security guard from behind, without him seeing it coming. Injured at the level of the head, he fell down stunned, bleeding.

He was then transported to the SSRN hospital at Pamplemousses in an ambulance after the police of Terre-Rouge was called. Once his health condition will be improved, he will be questioned by the investigators. All for chocolates.

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