Soreze CNT Accident Proceedings: Mechanics Do Not Understand The Maintenance Manual

The judiciary case of the Soreze NTC (National Transport Corporation) bus accident is still ongoing. Previously, it was the dead driver who was accused, by the Chief Engineer of the NTC, of being responsible for the mishap. The case then proceeded with the questioning of the NTC bus maintenance. Two days back, on the 22nd of July, other witnesses were made to testify in court, whereby the bus maintenance methods were again questioned.

NTC court case

Mario Hosseny, one of the mechanics working for NTC, was called to testify. He admitted that he understood basically nothing of the manual of Ashok Leyland, the manufacturer of the Blueline buses.

Rather, he follows the instructions of his supervisor when it comes to the maintenance of the buses. The methods used by the NTC personnel to verify the buses differ largely from those stipulated by the manufacturer. While the latter recommends the use of a soap solution to detect air leaks in the braking system, the NTC uses a more “practical” method. They ‘hear out’ for bizarre sounds coming from the braking system to gauge the state of the latter. If they hear suspicious noises, they report it to the one responsible, and from there on, they decide whether the sounds really are suspicious or not. The NTC Workshop Supervisor, Jody Pravindsingh, declared this method to be effective. Talking about professionalism, huh?! This method was also backed up by the Senior Technical and Mechanical Officer of the NTC, Devdas Gujadhur.

Another incident happened during the session of this week. The Chief Engineer of the NTC, Gaya Goopeechand, was rebuked by the Magistrate, Ida Dooky-Rambarrun. When the witnesses were testifying, Gaya Goopeechand would interrupt them. The Magistrate then reprimanded his actions. For instance, when the mechanic Mario Hosseny was talking, the Chief Engineer would raise his thumb to show that he agreed with what the latter was saying. From then on, Mario Hosseny would look in his direction when he was testifying.

Furthermore, according to the Director of Public Prosecution, Chitra Servansing-Bhuruth, Devdas Gujadhur talked with the two witnesses outside of the court, while the latter stated that they did not talk with him when asked by the Magistrate.

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