CNT Bus Driver Driving With Earphones On Threatens Passenger

Bus drivers carry upon their shoulders great responsibility. Passengers actually rely on their driving skills and discernment power, whether they want it or not. Some drivers, seemingly, do not have safe driving at heart though… Well, there will always be that one passenger who will speak up, no matter what.

driving with earphones

Yashoda Auchondit was travelling in a National Transport Corporation (NTC) bus which served the route Quatre-Bornes-Curepipe in the company of her mother. When she saw the bus driver inserting earphones in his ears just before starting off the engine, she greatly disapproved. Concerned by the security of the bus passengers and appalled by the driver’s doing, she told the bus conductor to request him to remove the earphones. The bus conductor relayed the message to the driver. Yashoda attested that the former responded to her request in a courteous manner and informed the driver. The latter was not to take it well though.

When he heard of Yashoda’s request, he removed his earphones and, allegedly fired mocking remarks at her, asking as to who is she to say such a thing in the following terms: “Ki li ete li? Li travay gard?”. A little while later, the driver put the earphones back on again. Yashoda was not inattentive as to what he was doing. This time, she herself walked up till the driver to tell him about her concerns for the security of the passengers and, of course, herself. According to her, the driver would not be able to hear other vehicles horning at him, nor would he be conscious of his environment, hence putting the lives of the passengers at risk. The driver, however, did not see things from the same perspective.

Finally, when Yashoda got off the bus the driver allegedly threatened her, exclaiming: “To pou kone ar moi ! Enn lot fwa to pa koz coumsa ar moi!”.

She had thus committed to memory the license plate number of the bus and sent an email to the NTC to inform them of the incident. However, she did not receive any response so far.

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