Video: Collision Between Airbus and Boeing Missed at Barcelone Airport

Barcelone Airport in Spain would have known one hell of a disaster on Saturday with two airplanes colliding if one of them had not switched to an emergency maneuver. As one plane was landing, another was crossing the runway, seemingly in the landing field of the first. The plane that was supposed to land had to delay landing just in time to avoid a collision. (Watch video further below).

near collision

Flights have to follow a certain schedule in a disciplined manner such that each has the time to safely land and take off without there being collisions – collisions between airplanes would undoubtedly be massive ones, killing hundreds of people. Well, that nearly happened at Barcelone airport, Spain during the weekend (6th of July).

A Boeing 767-300 coming from Moscow was to land at a time when an Airbus A340 was on the runway just where the landing was to be made. The Airbus which was crossing the runway was to fly to Buenos Aires, and was noticed by the Boeing when the latter was just about to land. The Russian pilots of the Boeing just had to delay landing and did a go-around. The spectacular sight was recorded and uploaded on YouTube.

What caused the two airplanes to have been in their particular locations? According to the airport administrators, both were where they were supposed to be; implying that enough distance was kept between them so that one could land while the other was about to take off.

The Airbus would have been taking off when the Boeing would have touched the ground; so collision was to happen. However… The Russian pilots executed a delicate emergency maneuver and would not have done so had there been no risk of danger. It is also possible that the pilots did not have a clear view of the landing site and therefore chose to go for the emergency step.

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