Court Injunction Temporarily Releases Bud Gujadhur From The Decision of The MTC

Having had his license revoked by the MTC, Bud Gujadhur had appealed to the Supreme Court. Yesterday, an injunction was issued until a final decision is made concerning the case. Meanwhile, Bud Gujadhur can still practice as trainer in the Foo Kune stable.


The Gemmayze Street case is still up for the race. After the Mauritius Turf Club (MTC) revoked the license of the trainer of the Foo Kune stable, Bud Gujadhur, on the grounds that the latter violated regulations of the Rules of Racing, the latter had appealed to the Supreme Court, not satisfied with the then state of affairs. Yesterday, the 2nd of July, he received an injunction to contest the decision of the MTC. So, as a consequence, Bud Guhadhur can now carry on with his job until the Court comes forth with a final decision. The MTC will have to present to the court their explanations for a definite decision to be taken. The case will be called in Supreme Court today.

The lawyer of Bud Gujadhur, Gavin Glover, made a public declaration on Radio Plus yesterday afternoon, saying that the MTC was wrong to rely on a decision of the Racing Stewards which was itself not definite to revoke the license of his client.

The jockey Fausto Durso was also sanctioned by the MTC. He stated that the trainer, Bud Gujadhur, had previously instructed him to “take the lead” at any cost. The trainer, in turn, said that he did give out instructions to the jockey. He further added that it might be that the jockey did not understand his directives – explanations which did not seem to convince the MTC.

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