CT Scan Machine At Jeetoo Hospital Emitting Harmful Radiation?

The CT scan machine at the Jeetoo Hospital is suspected to be emitting harmful radiation – conclusion drawn by the medical personnel, and not by experts. They deduced such after one of them found out that he is suffering from cancer.

ct scan

 Picture from Lexpress

After a member of the health personnel at the Jeetoo Hospital at Port-Louis was diagnosed with cancer, his colleagues took it upon themselves to take new initiatives: some weeks ago, they decided to stop using the CT scan device which is said to be emitting harmful radiation. The decision was thus taken without even informing the Ministry of Health.

They had had doubts from before about the device because the room which accommodated for it was isolated. They had therefore previously cautioned about the device being potentially dangerous. Now that one of them has found out that he suffers from cancer, they have automatically attributed this to the machine in question. They argue that the latter was not well-isolated to prevent radiation from being emitted.

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  • Il y a t-il des Experts au Mauritius Standard Bureau pour le confirmer ?

    Il faudra des experts Etrangers dans les rapport resteront confidentielle …

    Le Ministre de la Santé est sommet de demissioner !!!!

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