accident tamarin mauritius

Deadly Road Accident at Tamarin – Driver Killed On Spot

A deadly road accident occurred today  (5th July 2014) at Tamarin, unfortunately killing the driver of a 4×4 and damaging 2 others vehicles who were following behind. The accident occurred at around 16:00, just some minutes before one of our authors was driving by. (Photo of the damaged vehicle below). Fire fighters and the SAMU were summoned to the accident spot to help removing the body of the driver.

A police inquiry is currently going on to find the cause of the accident.

accident tamarin mauritius


Update 07.07.14

The victim went by the name of Jonathan Soobhany, who was 31 years old, working as assistant director at the restaurant Casa Pizza at Tamarin. According to the investigations, he was trying to overtake a series of vehicles when his 4×4 of the Ford brand was hit in the rear by another car at around 15h30 at Camp-Sam, Tamarin. Two other drivers are also involved in the accident: one of them was driving a Mitsubishi while the other was driving a Honda. They were made to do the alcotest which yielded negative results for both. They will present in the court of Bambous today, 7th of July, under the provisional charge of involuntary homicide.

Further information was gleaned. It was found out that the Honda was parked on the road-side, in direction to Cascavelle. In the opposite direction, the series of vehicles were being driven forward. Then, at some point, the Ford and the Mitsubishi tried to overtake the vehicles at the same time. That was when the Mitsubishi hit the rear end of the Ford. The impact was so hard that the Ford driven by the victim upturned and crashed violently against a tree.

The police of Rivière-Noire and an ambulance were summoned on the premises of the accident. It was then discovered that Jonathan Soobhany had died on the spot. The corpse was then transported to the Yves Cantin hospital at Rivière-Noire, then later transferred to the morgue of Victoria hospital at Candos. The Police Medical Officer, Dr Prem Chamane, carried out the autopsy on the dead body and determined the cause of death to be multiple injuries.

The funeral of Jonathan Soobhany will be held today at around one in the afternoon, at the St-Augustin church at Rivière-Noire. The body will then be incinerated at the crematorium of Quatre-Bornes.

Investigations are still ongoing to determine the real cause behind the violent collision.

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  • bien triste cet accident, mes condoleances a la famille du chauffeur, je dois dire que ces vehicles sont trop puissants et qu’il faudrait brider tous ces bolides existant et ne pas authoriser d’en importe des models pas seulement des 4x4mais aussi les petits vans. avec des moteurs de plus de 2000 cc sans compresseurs.

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