Dr Zogo Pregnancy Soap Scam – Mauritian Receives Marijuana Instead

When natural means to solve a problem work not, people have the propensity to take to desperate means. The despair one faces to have one’s object of desire often positions one in a vulnerable position. Which can be exploited by others. That was how a Mauritian woman unable so far to bear a child contacted a so-called doctor from Nigeria to get herself ‘cured’ – the latter known as Dr Zogo seized the opportunity to make money out of the gullibility of the woman in question. What a pretty world we live in! Naivety coupled with hopelessness sure renders one easy prey to scammers, who, by hook or by crook, will swindle huge sums of money.

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After having had recourse to a number of methods in order to become pregnant, the said woman finally gave in to a so-called doctor she met on the internet. The man, going by the nickname of Dr Zogo, situated in Nigeria, sold a ‘miraculous’ soap to the woman. A soap, which goes out of the ordinary, costing Rs 23 400, to help a woman to bear a child. What is this remarkable soap?! According to the police, the secret ingredient might be cannabis. Ouch. Dr Zogo is some kind of a drug dealer?! Well, not quite.

Dr Zogo portrayed himself as a ‘doctor’ who guides his ‘patients’ through miraculous solutions. Ah, when conventional medicine is inadequate, what better than some African magic potion, or some African magic spell?! Dr Zogo claims to be able to help women plagued by infertility problems. He boasts about his achievements on his website. He even included the statements of women who asserted having been cured by his miraculous medications.

Dr Zogo proved to be even more ambitious. At some point, he began asking the woman for more and more money: around Rs 75 000. Huge sum not affordable for the Mauritian. Oh, Dr Zogo has the solution to mostly everything, right? He then suggested for her to sell her personal belongings to have the money… An exhortation to which she did not relent. Then, after some time, she received the magic soap all the way from Nigeria. However, as she was to collect the parcel, she was met with police officers from the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit.

Trouble for the aspiring mother. She was then questioned by the police, who even conducted searches at her house, but they found nothing illegal. The magic soap was, however, taken by the police, who sent it to the laboratories to determine whether it was composed of illegal drugs.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Vinod Appadoo, has cautioned Mauritians from this type of transactions. In such cases, they might even be charged with accusations of dealing in illegal drugs.

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