Dutch Man Missed Both Doomed Malaysia Flights – Hoax?

Maarten de Jonge, a professional Dutch cyclist apparently missed both doomed Malaysian flights MH17 and MH370. Thousands of news reports on the net are mentioning about how the man escaped death twice by cancelling his decision to fly on-board both Malaysian flights which had tragic ends this year. Is this really true, or just a rumor blown out of proportion?


People have a certain tendency to start up rumours about sensational news. Then, other people forward the rumours from mouth to mouth, Facebook status to Facebook status, till they get viral! And, when they do get viral, people start believing them to be true. As they say, tell a lie often enough, and people will take it as truth. You must already have heard about the Dutchman who is said to have escaped death by cancelling his flights on-board the TWO Malaysian airplanes which crashed; actually, one went missing, while one was found to have been shot near Ukraine and Russia.

But, did you ever think that maybe this could just be a rumour? An internet viral joke.

The story behind Maarten de Jonge

The story goes as follows… The Dutch professional cyclist, Maarten de Jonge, from the Terengganu Cycling Team, had booked tickets for both Malaysia Airlines flights MH17 and MH370. However, he changed his mind at the very last minute. Has he really missed tragic deaths by cancelling his plans of flying onboard the flights? Did he even book the tickets?

No evidence has been shown that de Jonge actually bought those tickets.

We do not have concrete proof that he had reserved seats on the two airplanes who met with such tragic fates. In spite of all this, the rumour has been circulating as to how much of a lucky man is de Jonge. He is being hailed as being a double-death-cheater. How true is this? How can this news be forwarded time and again when there is no substantiating evidence?

The mysterious tweet helps not though…

The only way to confirm this would be to ask De Jonge himself. However, he has made it clear enough that he won’t be commenting on this issue anymore, out of respect for the victims and the survivors. He said that he did not even divulged this news to the media. The only thing that he mentioned that could’ve spurred such a rumour would be a tweet of his. After the plane crashed after its downing, de Jonge tweeted the following:

“If I had left today, then … ”

He was asked about this in an interview recently. He explained that he had intended to fly on that day. But, he did not say that he had already booked a seat onboard MH17.

Missing MH370 airplane

Even for the MH370 rumour, the one which is still missing, no concrete evidence exists of his booking. Rather, he is reported to have said that he had had flown from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei on that day, which takes a similar route to the MH370 plane. He only said that he could have been on the MH370. He couldn’t have had booked a seat on the Malaysian Airline flight because the latter was only going in the same direction as his destination, but it was not going to take the exact route. Malaysian Airlines does not even serve the Beijing-Taiwan route. Would he have intended to travel onboard the Malaysian flight, to then having to take another plane to go to Taiwan? Sounds not really feasible.

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