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New Political Party “Ensam Nu Kapav” Officially Launched in Mauritius

A new political party, going by the name of “Ensam Nu Kapav” has been founded in Mauritius last March. The leader of “Ensam Nu Kapav” is Roshni Mooneeram. The official launching of the new party was done on the 17th of July – just yesterday – at the Labourdonnais Hotel at Port-Louis.

ensam nu kapav

While the political arena is dominated by long-established parties, the last few years have witnessed the budding of some new groups. The leader, Roshni Mooneeram, portrays her political party as being different from what Mauritians have seen uptil now. According to her, the country is plagued by a political and social degradation which has disgusted the people. In her eyes, it is time to move forward.

Ensam Nu Kapav is composed of 15 members. Meager number? However, the leader stated that 600 people have expressed their intention to form part of the group. She further stated that they are in contact with Mauritians via online social networking – Facebook comes in handy, right? She defines herself and her members as being ‘Mauritians’ above all.

Her ambitious projects includes tackling poverty. She argues that Mauritius has at its disposal all the resources that it needs to deal with the current problems, including poverty. According to her, poverty can be greatly reduced in a time period of five years, given that the people are given the tools necessary to achieve the goal. How to propel the people forward? By feeding entrepreneurship and innovative businesses for them to prosper.

Political Transparency In Mauritius

Another characteristic of the group is their desire for transparency. They wish to undo the image of politics being a dirty playground where the dealings and doings of members of the political parties are kept away from the eyes of the public. As a consequence, Ensam Nu Kapav will be the first party whose financing will be made overt, for all to see. They will publish their financial report yearly on their website.

What they have also maintained is that they will not be making any alliance with any other political party.


  • Dear Roshni, I find it encouraging that you are taking a stance against the issues affecting the Mauritians. I am very interested to hear how you plan to propel the people forward especially when we have such a large educated but politically illiterate young population in the country. Is the party asking why a change to the constitution of Mauritius is being considered especially when the system has served well for so many years? What is the ultimate aim for this transformation? Are we sleep walking into a passive autocracy by blinding ourselves with racial banners? Happy to donate to, and support the party if you can convince me..Suraj Dip (Dubai)

  • I would like to share my thoughts, ambitions, aspirations with you and your new political movement so please get back to me at your earliest convenience. I am currently located in London nut do visit Mauritius regularly. I would like to contribute in sharing ideas, proposals for the Mauritian community. Many thanks Pradeep

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