Exchange of SMS In Mauritius Decreased By 6% in 2014

As the number of mobile phones has been on the increase, with more and more Mauritians acquiring the gadget, the SMS culture has hit new lows after flourishing years. Why has texting been on the decrease in Mauritius?


While more and more Mauritians are turning to the use of mobile phones, the number of SMS being exchanged is gradually decreasing. According to the Mauritius Statistics Office, 1 533 600 mobile phone subscriptions were made in 2013, as opposed to 1 417 100 in 2012. How come SMS is on the decline? The exchange of SMS has decreased by 6 %.

A few years back, the SMS culture was growing more and more popular, specially among teenagers. Now, years later, mobile phones are used by both the very young and the very old: maybe, this could indicate why the decrease in SMS?

The most plausible answer, though, must be the internet. Last year, 520 200 internet subscriptions were made across the island. Of these, only 162 400 had access via landlines or wireless, while 357 800 had web access on their mobile phone. These people would therefore not need to send SMS anymore, since they can easily use the internet for communication purposes. The free internet messaging systems come in just handy with apps such as Skype, WhatsAPP and Viber.

The internet has thus contributed to a depopularisation of the texting culture – it was only a matter of time, as people were increasingly laying their hands on mobile phones with access to the internet. Who would need SMS anymore?

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