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Gemmayze Street: Jockey Durso and Trainer Bud Gujadhur Hammered By MTC

This week has witnessed quite some upheavals in the horse-racing world. The jockey Fausta Durso has been severely sanctioned, having to pay a heavy fine while his license was revoked. Furthermore, the trainer of the stable he works for has also been suspended from duty. Now, the question is, will the owner of the stable also have to bear similar consequences?

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Fausto Durso Suspended

The jockey Fausto Durso has experienced a number of repercussions following his performance in the race that took place last Saturday, 28th of June 2014.

He was riding the horse Gemmayze Street which ended up last in the race. The jockey has been sanctioned as per the regulation 160 A of the Rules of Racing which stipulates that: “when riding in a race, a jockey shall: (a) take all reasonable and permissible measures to ensure that, throughout the race, his horse is given full opportunity to obtain the best possible place in the field.”

As a consequence, Fausto Durso has been suspended for 20 races, having to pay a fine of Rs 100 000. After the investigations concerning his case, he even had his license revoked by the Mauritius Turf Club (MTC).

Bud Gujadhur Faces The Wrath of the MTC

The MTC also sanctioned the trainer of the Foo Kune stable, on the basis of the regulation 159 A which goes as follows: “Any Stable Manager, Assistant Stable Manager, Owner, Trainer, Groom or other person directly or indirectly in charge of a horse who : (b) is, directly or indirectly, a party or accessory to preventing a horse from winning or from obtaining the best possible place in the field.” The trainer has also been dismissed for the coming 20 races. Additionally, he will have to pay a fine of Rs 200 000.

Both Durso and the trainer Bud Gujadhur intend to appeal for their case. Meanwhile, the MTC will relay the case to the local “Police Des Jeux”.

Now, the MTC will be meeting with the Stable Manager, Paul Foo Kune today, the 2nd of July. However, it is not yet known as to the reason behind this meeting. Will the MTC sanction the owner of the stable as well? As of now, little can be said. The Foo Kune stable finds itself in a difficult situation, anyway, since its trainer has been suspended from activity for some time.

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