Heavy Swells Hitting Coastal Regions of Mauritius

The Mauritius Meteorological Station has issued a heavy swell warning yesterday, 30th of July. Today, the weather across the island is specially windy and cold. The south and west coastal areas are expected to be hit by high waves until tomorrow 1st August 2014.

2Picture from Lexpress

July and August are the coldest months of the year. The cold is often accompanied by windy weather, as we all saw during the last few days. The meteorologists of the Vacoas station have explained that the coastal regions will be dominated by heavy swells, specially those in the south and west. Today, these areas will be particularly affected by the heavy swells.

Since yesterday, the national meteorological station issued a heavy swell warning. The waves have reached great heights; 3 m 50 waves have already been recorded.

Today, the waves are expected to be even more gigantic.

The central plateau and the south of the island will most likely witness rainfall. The rest of the island will feel the cold seep in as well.

The weather conditions have been caused by a depression that has formed in the south of the Mascarene islands. Furthermore, an intense anticyclone has been approaching the island.



4Regions of the south have been hit by the heavy swells more than elsewhere.

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