Huge Traffic Jam on M1 (Reduit/Bagatelle To Port Louis) Today Morning

Two minor accidents occurred on the motorway today morning, thereby causing great traffic jams, stranding those who were to travel to the capital. The police was called to manage the situation, and some time later, road circulation was back to normal again.

Accident at Soreze


The road traffic on the motorway, specially near Pont-Colville and Bagatelle, was heavily disturbed today morning (08.07.14). Those travelling in the direction of Port-Louis have had to wait a considerable amount of time, stuck in the traffic jam. At Pont-Colville, a pile-up of vehicles was responsible for the traffic jam, while at Bagatelle, another minor accident occurred. Noone has been injured though.

However, these two minor accidents have greatly perturbed the flow of vehicles. The police force had thus been called to help dilute the traffic jam at Pont-Colville. Shortly afterwards, the road circulation was fluid again.

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  • Such types of accidents must be taken seriously as they are becoming increasingly frequent on our roads. At Phoenix, a woman implicated in a similar accident was in hospital and finally lost her life. When will mauritian drivers realise that it is important to maintain a safe distance while driving. And what if a motorcyclist was rear ended in such “carambolage” ; je would have surely left his life as a human sandwich between the cars..

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