Kidnapped Mauritian Krishna Rambojun Freed By Kidnappers

After more than one week of suspense and worry, Krishna Rambojun, the Mauritian business executive kidnapped in Madagascar, has been freed by his kidnappers after a ransom was paid.


Krishna Rambojun, the Mauritian who was in Madagascar for work purposes and who had gone missing more than a week ago, has now been freed, according to the latest news proclaimed by the Mauritian embassy at Madagascar. He was reported missing , and speculations about kidnapping were being made while nothing was yet confirmed. Now that he is back again after his disappearance, it is confirmed that he had indeed been kidnapped on the 2nd of July.

The kidnappers had asked for a ransom of millions of rupees, which was paid when Krishna was liberated. The police force of Madagascar is now searching for the criminals. They are also after those who had been involved in the kidnapping of another Mauritian in 2011 who had been working for the same firm as Krishna Rambojun. The investigations of the police led them to the observation that in both cases, the criminals resorted to the same modus operandi: kidnapping the target when he is near his house, taking him to a faraway place, while leaving his car there, and locking him up in an unknown place.

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