Krishna Rambojun, Mauritian Working in Madagascar Possibly Kidnapped

A Mauritian working in the capital of Madagascar, Krishna Rambojun, is apparently missing. The police of Madagascar has not made any comment on whether the man is actually missing or not. Nor has his family. But, the possibility of him having been kidnapped is not farfetched either.


It is common for Mauritians to travel to Madagascar often enough for work purposes. Many firms have subsidiary groups on the island, and Mauritians make the journey to and fro Madagascar and Mauritius as part of their work schedules. That is how Krishna Rambojun had made the trip to Tana (short for Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar). He has been working as financial director for the firm Ucodis. However, he is seemingly missing since two days now. Little information is available as to what could have happened to him.

Is he really missing or not? Has he been kidnapped as he was on his way back home around 18:00 on Wednesday 2nd of July? Questions difficult to answer. The police force of Madagascar has not made any comment on this particular case. However, it has been confirmed that they are currently working on a case of a missing person. Uptil now, no ransom has been asked. Does the case they are working on have anything to do with Krishna Rambojun?

L’express reported that according to a source from Madagascar, the family of Krishna Rambojun has been evasive about the question. The Mauritians having settled at Tana tried to contact his wife, but to no avail. The attempts of L’express to contact the wife have also been futile. All the authorities are being contacted so as to shed some light on the affair. The Mauritian diplomacy located at Madagascar has been informed of the case yesterday. The Mauritian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arvin Boolell, has indicated that he was not even aware of the case.

Is this really a case of kidnapping? If yes, why hasn’t there been a demand for ransom yet?

So many crucial questions remain unanswered. Meanwhile, the Mauritians from Madagascar state that missing cases there are quite common. Mauritians have in the past been kidnapped and released upon submission of ransoms. For instance, Benoit Ng who worked for Avitech, a subsidiary of FAIL at Madagascar, and his wife were kidnapped and set free when a ransom of Rs 4 millions was given out to the criminals. That happened two years ago in May 2012. Another such case was reported last month, on the 23rd of June, whereby the owner of a bakery was kidnapped and released on the very same day.

It seems like all points to the possibility that Krishna Rambojun has been kidnapped. Only time will tell how true is this though. Let us hope that he is safe and sound and that we’ll hear from him soon enough.


  • Please read my mail first then you delete it. I need help from your organisation, I do not need money or what but some help on humanity base. I’m a woman of two kids age 13and 10respectively. Am married for 16 years and my husband went abroad to Madagascar to work in a hotel called Soanambo Hotel in a maintenance team since 2007. For two years I got the news from him frequently. He was supposed to return Mauritius in December 2009 but didn’t return.

    I have contacted the Embassy of Madagascar in Mauritius here for help and also the Interpol but in vain no answer. I know it not your organisation problem but if you can help me in any line I will be grateful to you.
    I have surf on internet for more information about this hotel but only I get some email address and between these addresses I got is to deal for booking this hotel. Please if you can help me in any way God will bless you.

    My husband name is Mr Vijay Pardessy ,his height is 1m75cm, his weight approximately at that time was 80kg, please find in attachment a photo of him. If ever you your Embassy can help me in any way I would grateful .

    Please for any more information please you can call me on +230 5725 9697 or just send a mail on the same mail address.

    Note in the year 2011 your Embassy arrange for a phone call between him and me .During his conversation he mentioned he was in a problem and will return in February 2012 but he never did.

    Am worried and wish I can get some information regarding him.

    Thanks you for your time and for any help you can provide me.

    Awaiting a positive response soon.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Mrs Indrani Pardessy

  • I am So Sorry To Hear This News I worked under him for almost for 6 years … for a unit based at Mauritius … Surprisingly this news is very saddening … I pray for his safe return …

  • I met Krishna through a common friend about 7 years ag0. Pray for his safe return among his family who must be going through very hard times.

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