Latest Mauritius Statistical Battle of Sexes Data Revealed

The battle of the sexes is one which would probably never cease to be, even statistically speaking. Who of the two sexes lives longer? Which one dominates society in terms of numbers? Who wins in this tug of war? Statistics Mauritius has recently revealed the numbers.


Life and Death

It is an observed fact that women tend to live longer than men, and as a consequence, the number of women outweighs the number of men. On average, women live around seven years more than their male counterparts. As a result, in 2013, it was recorded that there were 12 391 more women than men in Mauritius, according to the annual report of Gender Statistics published by Statistics Mauritius.

You would have thought that men develop diseases to a greater extent, since they die younger, relative to women. However, the numbers revealed that women are the ones who are most affected by non-communicable diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular problems and cancer. These diseases account for 58.7 % of deaths among women, while only 52.9 % of deaths among men result from them.

Of marriage age?

The statistical report also showed that, like men, women are now getting married at a more advanced age, compared to long ago. As a result, the age gap between husbands and wives is on the decrease.

Academic results

Now, who wins the battles of wits? Girls, generally, have been shown to have better results than boys. This trend is reflected in both the primary and secondary cycles of school life. However, the gap is reduced for higher classes.

Question: Do guys get wittier with time, or do girls get less witty with age?!

Who are the best paid?

The sad truth remains that women are less paid than their male counterparts. In spite of their more successful school life. In spite of the fact they occupy important posts in the public sector.

The average salary of women amounts to Rs 13 300, while for men it is at Rs 17 900. Also, more women face unemployment than men.

Domestic violence does not discriminate between the two sexes

While women are considered to be the weaker sex, hence more vulnerable to domestic violence, it has been noted that men are increasingly being affected by domestic violence as well.

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