Maconde Road Re-Opening Tomorrow 15 July 2014

Finally, the road to Macondé will be reopened on Tuesday 15th of July. It was previously closed down because of the damage done to it by the fall of rocks from the cliff, hence necessitating construction works to make the road safer for the people. During the last few months, the inhabitants of the region were quite constrained by the closure of the road – now, hopefully, everything will be back to normal.


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The road has been repaired, enlarged, and reasphalted, now ready to receive its usual traffic.

The inhabitants of many villages from the south, like Surinam, Chamouny, Chemin-Grenier, Rivière des Galets and Bel-Ombre had met with many difficulties when the road was closed. They had had to go through other road networks to get to their respective destinations daily. Furthermore, there were shuttle buses made available to them, all of which were done to ease their way, but still, they had quite many a difficulty in terms of transport. Now, all this will be put to an end, and they may go about their usual activities as they used to.

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