Madagascar: Suicidal Man Hit By Train And Survives

Railway suicide is one of the methods people resort to the most to end their lives throughout the world. In many countries, these incidents happen hundreds of times per year. People with suicidal thoughts tend to perceive this as an easy way of doing away with their lives. That was how a man, in his fourties, threw himself in front of a moving train in Anosy, a region found in the south of Madagascar, yesterday afternoon (20.07.14). While many are ‘successfully’ killed by the impact, some still do not die at the impact; like the man of Madagascar.

railway suicide

When hit by the train after having threw himself in front of it, his body was hurled underneath the huge vehicle which was composed of 15 wagons carrying containers of hydrocarbon. After the impact, the vehicle only stopped several meters away. It would have been thought that the man would have been proper crushed under the weight of the speeding train. However, nothing as such happened; he did not get under the wheels of the train, which would have surely killed him right away. To the surprise of all and sundry, the man was found to be alive: he got out from underneath one of the wagons having sustained a severe injury in the face. He was then transported to a nearby hospital.

A witness even testified to how the man was still able to stand up after having been hit by the moving train.

Upon seeing the man coming in front of the train, the driver of the vehicle decelerated, all the while horning repetitively, which obviously did not seem to deter the man with the suicidal urge. When the vehicle was around one or two meters away from him, he rushed from the pavement nearby and propelled himself in the direction of the vehicle.

The reason as to why the man dashed in front of the train is as yet unknown. What else but suicide? Why wanting to put an end to his life though?

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