crashed malaysian airline mh17

Breaking: Malaysian Airline MH17 Shot Down Near Ukraine – 295 Reportedly Killed

Breaking News: A Malaysian Airline jet carrying about 295 people has crashed near Ukraine. The Boeing 777-200 was shot down by Ukrainian rebels in eastern Ukraine near the border with Russia.

malaysian airline shot down

The Malaysian flight was between Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur and was shot down by a missile launched from a Buk launcher by Ukrainian rebels. As at now, all passengers and crew are reportedly dead. The commercial jet was flying at an altitude of about 10000 meters when it was hit by the missile. According to news agency Interfax, Malaysian Airline MH17 crashed just 20 miles short of entering Russian airspace.

Updates :

According to news agency, Interfax, some people on the ground have been wounded or killed due to the plane crash. Based on preliminary information by a Donetsk rebel spokesman, the plane crashed in the village of Torez and hit several houses.

crashed malaysian airline mh17

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