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Mauritian Facebook Scammer Wanted By Police

When you use facebook right, it can do wonders! And, when you use it wrong, you might become ‘wanted’! A man going by the name of Faizal Hosanee in Mauritius has been allegedly fooling around with people online. He purports owning a trade-business of information technology devices: that is how he attracts his preys. Then, he promises to deliver their products and swindles money from those gullible enough to fall into his trap.

facebook thief

Lately, he got Rs 10 000 out of one of his victims, Jayprakash Gusgopal, young man of 20 years old, inhabitant of Petit-Raffray. When the latter realised that he had been scammed, he filed a complaint at the police station of Grand-Gaube. Faizal Hosanee had presented to him as the CEO of a firm. He has requested Jayprakash to design a logo for his firm, the latter being a Graphic Design student at the University of Mauritius. Where did they meet? Well, like mostly everyone else, on Facebook! Faizal Hosanee had a Facebook page advertising his products. Jayprakash thereby expressed his interest in buying a Rs 17 000 worth computer. In return, he was to give his own computer and an additional amount of Rs 10 000.

After some time, when Jayprakash did not receive his new computer, he began doubting the integrity of the man. The man, again, asked for more money, because he was supposed to go to the UK, where he would supposedly buy the computer. This further created more doubts in the mind of Jayprakash concerning the man. He would call the man who would not answer to the phone call, because he was supposed to be abroad. So, he made a friend of his call on the same number. Surprise-surprise. The man answered to the phone call, and he again talked about the same thing; that he sells certain products…

Now that Faisal Hosanee is wanted by the police, many others of his victims came forward to testify having been fooled by him.

Well, well, social online network is a wonderful tool to connect with people. But, one always has to be cautious, and surely not give away money to strangers without having made sure as to their intents.

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