Mauritian Medical Interns Complaining About Bad Behaviour of Seniors

Interns posted in hospitals all around the island are complaining of the attitude of their seniors who are said to insult them, while making them do their part of the job, leaving them unassisted.


Those aspiring to be a doctor need to have strong enough morales to deal with their patients. Not everyone can handle the sight of blood and injuries. Surely, not everyone can manage emergency situations and the likes. And, when doctors tear up, not able to deal with the situation at hand, you know the last drop that made the vase overflow was really too much. Many of the aspiring doctors currently working at hospitals all around the island, as part of their course, are returning home from work with tears in their eyes. Oh, and those are not tears of joy. Those doctors supervising their work are allegedly being meaner than ever.

According to what some of the interns have reported, they have to face mean and unpleasant comments from their seniors while they work at the hospitals. Sometimes, these even turn into insults. Several of the trainees have had enough with that kind of treatment. Aren’t doctors supposed to be kind and considerate? Some of them even wish to be transferred to other hospitals so that they do not have to deal with such behaviour of the doctors. However, it is very unlikely that the Ministry of Health will consider their requests for transfer. Even if they were transferred, things would more or less remain the same: most hospitals have been reported to have mean supervisers.

Some of the comments that the senior doctors have hurled at the young interns are along the lines of “You’re a good-for-nothing” according to DefiMedia Group:

« Nanryen to pa koner ! Ki pou fer avek twa! »… «Zot bann lamonai zeter ! »… « Zot ene bann gaspillaz!»…

The interns are fed up hearing insults everyday. They state that they are conscious of the fact that they do not know everything; the very point of their internship is to learn from their experience. Teaching requires compassion and kindness, not to mention wisdom. Is insulting students for their lack of knowledge and expertise the way to go?

That is not all. The interns complain of yet another practice. They are allegedly made to do part of the work of the Registered Medical Officers (RMOs). The latter are sometimes posted to do a proportion of the work of the specialist doctors. However, they make the interns assist their patients during the night shift while they stay in the Doctors’ Mess. Moreover, they show annoyance when they are called upon by the interns for complicated medical cases. It is to be noted that the interns are to work only under the supervision of the experienced doctors.

If such is the case for young interns, we can only imagine how do the doctors treat their patients.

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