Mauritian “Riz Ration” To Be Replaced By Semi-Premium Rice

Those who have been accustomed to the term “riz ration” will now have to adapt to the new change to be put in force by the State Trading Corporation (STC). The STC wishes to increase the value of the subsidized rice: it plans to import rice of intermediary quality from Thailand, and, possibly from India as well.

riz ration

The long-established appellation “riz ration” which is commonly used to designate the inexpensive and less refined rice is about to be abolished – such is the aim of the State Trading Corporatin (STC) which proclaimed its intention at the beginning of this week. For around 70 years, has this term carved itself a place in the Mauritian folklore. This is about to change. Once the existing stocks of retailers are exhausted, the term will be completely erased from shelf labellings.

The STC has as goal to upgrade the value of the subsidized rice. The re-branding of the rice will entail the import of 4000 tonnes of semi-luxurious rice from Thailand. As first phase of the project, the rice will be sold in 2.5 kg packets at Rs 28. The 50 kg bag will, however, not be available, for fear that certain distributors might change the packaging to a more attractive one in order to raise its price.

What could impede the project is the fact that Thailand has recently suspended its exportation because of political instability. As a precautionary measure, the STC is already looking out for other sources of the better-quality rice. Currently, it is negotiating with an Indian firm. It has to make sure that the rice is of the same quality as the one from Thailand before contracting an agreement.

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