Mauritian Sunny Juice Innovating With New Look

The characteristic look of the Sunny juice packaging that has been displayed on supermarket shelves for years now will soon be a thing of the past. Food Canners Ltd is now adopting new strategies to increase the selling of its juices: the packaging will now be rendered more attractive and more user-friendly for opening and storage.


Food Canners Ltd has developed new strategies to sell their products, namely juice boxes of the brand Sunny. The juice box now has a whole new look. The packaging is different from what it used to be. It is even equipped with a cork which greatly facilitates its opening. Previously, when it did not have a cork, the packaging had had to be cut manually, and the juice could not be stored properly in the packaging itself. Now, with the new modifications, Sunny is comparable to the imported juices. Well, it was high time for the the Sunny packaging to be made more user-friendly.

Food Canners Ltd made massive investments amounting to more than Rs 30 millions to be able to bring these major changes. Sophisticated machinery was bought to cater for the modern packaging system.

High competition among juice producers

What has fueled the company to bring such changes after years of stagnation? Competition. The market of juice is dominated by highly competitive businesses, all trying to have their juice product on top. Food Canners Ltd no more wishes to lag behind.

In the same spirit, it is now aiming to propel its juice further on new markets – the next step now would be to reclaim its place on board the planes of Air Mauritius. More than a year ago, the company had its contract suspended because of the fact that its juice packaging did not fit the standards required, with its no-so-attractive appearance. As a consequence, it was Ceres, of South African origin, which bagged the contract with Air Mauritius.

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