Mauritian Wins Loto Jackpot For The 2nd Time

A man recently won a sum of money amounting to Rs 43 823 361 after having ticked the lucky numbers for Quick Pick. He stated that he will use part of the money to go on a cruise with his wife.


Some people are lucky by nature; they are born lucky, or so it seems. Like the famous man, Frane Selak, who is said to have escaped death several times in a row, to finally win the lottery. Well, some do not get as ‘lucky’ as him, but lucky enough to win the lottery twice. A man of 58 years old recently won an amount of Rs 43 823 361 from Lottotech. He played the Quick Pick for Rs 200, and now cannot believe how this multiplied into millions.

He had, in the past, won a considerable amount as well, but not as much. Last time, he had played with some of his friends, so he had to divide the amount among all of them. But, for the second lucky draw, he will not have to share because he played on his own.


What can one possibly do with over Rs 43 million?

He said that he will retire early than he had previously decided. He plans to go on a cruise with his wife. He will also reflect upon future investments.

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