Mauritius Horse Racing: New Rules & Regulations Soon

The Mauritius Turf Club (MTC) has gone through quite some incidents lately. As a consequence, the Prime Minister (PM) decided to have a commission of inquiry.

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The commission of inquiry will deal with the organisation of horse races and the betting systems entailed. Foreign expertise will be sought to assist the members of the team.

Furthermore, the PM declared that a number of measures will be in implemented in the horse racing world:

  • The government will now only give work permits to jockeys of other nationalities if the latter present an extradition agreement signed by their country of origin.
  • Additionally, the jockeys will not be able to work for two stables simultaneously during the same horse racing season.
  • Any stable will now no more be allowed to have more than two horses lined up together for one race.
  • Races with less than six horses will be made forbidden.

Another issue addressed was how the stable owner Paul Foo Kun practises as bookmaker at the same time. The PM notified the MTC to take the necessary actions regarding this subject.

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  • Foreign Experts !! Again.
    A 46 year old Independent (man) Country can’t still resolve his own issues.
    Crooks seem to be more cunning than our intelligent POLICE UNIT Forces

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