Medical Experiments on Mauritian Monkeys: The War is On

On one end is the British association which opposes the breeding of monkeys for laboratory use, while on the other is the organisation which attempts to justify the use of monkeys for scientific purposes. Both sides stand their grounds, with both launching campaigns to express and defend their views. The war just got more intense.

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Brace yourselves for tug-of-wars

Some time back, Mauritian news included the very much media-coveraged issue of monkeys bred on the island to be exported to other countries where the animals are used for laboratory testing. The British organisation British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) had launched an intensive campaign against the breeding of monkeys for scientific exploitation, as they view it: the campaign was named “Save our monkeys”. Anti-vivisectionists of Mauritius have spoken against this as well. While the opponent of the monkey-business are busy vehemently expressing their stance, those who are for the breeding of the animals for scientific purposes have spoken out as well.

All for the sake of monkeys

An association named Understanding Animal Research has now intensified the tug-of-war. One of its members, Bella Willians, has announced to the Mauritian press that they will soon launch a campaign against BUAV. Bella Williams is a British woman who is all for the ‘helpless contribution’ of monkeys to science. She maintains that monkeys are important for medical research. According to her, BUAV holds no justified argument against this. But, is this true?

Attacking the Mauritian press

Bella Williams did not restrict herself to make comments on BUAV only. She has also indirectly attacked the Mauritian press, arguing that the country is victim of the freedom of its media and democracy. Her arguments were refuted by the Say No to Animal Experiments in Mauritius association. They have meticulously replied to her arguments. They contested her words on the Mauritian media by saying that the island was ranked 70th in the ranking of the Reporters Without Borders for freedom of the press.  How can the Mauritian press be blamed for its supposed unbridled liberty?!

China and Indonesia are monkey-exporters too

Furthermore, Bella Williams argued that other countries exporting monkeys with the same purpose – including China and Indonesia – have not been condemned by the BUAV. The latter retorted that actions have indeed been taken in those countries as well: for instance, as a consequence of their efforts, China Southern Airlines agreed to put an end to the transport of monkeys to be channelled to laboratory research.

The voiceless will still be defended

Finally, the anti-vivisectionists have declared that they will intensify their fight against what they view as the unethical use of monkeys.

It seems like none of them will relent.

The war is on, ladies and gentlemen.

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