New Cinema Halls Opening At Trianon Shopping Center

The manager of Novelty and Mont Ida Entertainment, Rajesh Callicharan announced a new project to soon see the light of the day: 4 new cinema halls in the new complex M Ciné at Trianon. The first phase of the implementation of the project will entail 3 of these halls. The works for the fourth one, which is expected to be the largest, will be completed by next year.

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The inauguration of the new building compartments will be done on the 10th of July. The first movie to be viewed will be the Hollywood blockbuster, X-Men: Days of Future Past in 3D.

A number of unprecedented innovations will feature in these new cinema halls, as opposed to the other cinema halls spread around the island. The price of the ticket will be the same for a 2D and a 3D session. The seats will now be numbered. On buying the ticket, the customer will be able to choose his seat number according to where he wishes to sit. This will be on a first-come-first served basis. What is also being considered is an online ticket system, whereby customers will be able to book their tickets without having to queue up in from of the cinema halls.

The fourth hall will only be ready in a year’s time because it is expected to be equipped with new technological devices. As for the three nearly-ready halls, two of them will accommodate 150 viewers, while the third one will have as many as 250 seats. It has been planned to have a majority of Hollywood movies.


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