New Project For College Students To Study Climate Change

The Ministry of Education has a new project for secondary school students, both from public and private schools. The project having been named ‘Argo’ has as purpose to educate the students about tsunamis and quakes as well as about the climate change. The aim will be attained by means of floats and buoys located in the Atlantic Ocean. These have been put at sea since 2012. 40 floats and 10 buoys have been allocated to Mauritian students already.

floats in atlantic ocean

Mauritius, being an island lost in the Indian Ocean, at the mercy of external factors like natural calamities such as tsunamis, needs to have an educated population about the implications of being an isolated island in current times. Moreover, it also needs to have experts who are well-versed with the sciences required to deal with these possible situations. Maybe, Argo might be a step forward in this direction?

The students have to learn how to take samples of seawater from these floats and how to process this data. Currently, they are being fed with information about the seawater, like temperature, speed and salinity. As part of the project, the students will also have to embark onto the ship Lady Ambre which will be deploying floats in the Indian Ocean. The ship is also responsible for the deployment of floats of the Argo project and drifters for NASA in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

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