Pizza Hut Mauritius Facing Financial Difficulties

The firm in charge of Pizza Hut has allegedly been facing financial difficulties. Currently, experts in accounting are reviewing its situation: will Pizza Hut be sold off, or will it be back on its feet again? Time only will tell.

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Sopral Ltd, the firm managing the franchise Pizza Hut, has seemingly been facing financial problems lately. Is it because of mismanagement of resources, or because of debts? This is what the experts in accounting from the firm BDO, Yacoob Ramtoola and Georges Chung, are currently investigating. As of now, they stated that they cannot pass off judgements on the company, whose accounts are public and can be verified. The company will now be given the opportunity to improve its financial status to be able to continue with its usual operations.

Hence, for now, it is not question of selling off the company – no buyout or takeover has been mentioned. However, this also does not mean that these options will not be considered if need be. For instance, if a potential buyer expresses the will to buy the Pizza Hut, it could be ‘saved’. The final outcome will only be known after the investigations have progressed to coming up with an answer. As this state of limbo stretches forth, it is the 110 employees of Sopra Ltd who are in a fix.

Meanwhile, BDO has 72 days to evaluate the situation. Thereafter, it will be decided whether the five restaurants of Pizza Hut will be opened and managed again.

Sopral Ltd has been in charge of the franchise Pizza Hut since 1993, when the first restaurant was opened. Pizza Hut is also under the charge of the American franchisor: the latter controls the operations and gives out the new recipes. That is why it also plays a role in the current situation of the Mauritian franchise.

Time only will tell as to the future of Pizza Hut in Mauritius.

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