TransAsia Airways Crash

Plane Crash in Taiwan: 51 Dead As TransAsia Airways Failed Emergency Landing

TransAsia Airways ATR 72 plane crash in Taiwan report: 51 people killed and 7 seriously wounded. A TransAsia Airways plane has crashed about 2 hours ago in Taiwan while attempting an emergency landing in Taiwan’s Penghu county.

TransAsia Airways Crash

The plane was flying from Kaohsiung Siaogang Airport to Penghu’s Magong Airport. Initial reports indicated that about 47 people were killed during the failed emergency landing but latest death count is now at 51 according to China Xinhua News.

Prior to the crash, the plane’s pilot informed the control tower that he was facing difficulties to land the plane due to extremely bad weather conditions associated with Typhoon Matmo in the region. Flight GE 222 lost contact with the control tower operative at about 300 feet from the ground and attempted an emergency landing. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, the plane caught fire at the end of the runway after a violent landing procedure.

TransAsia Airways

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