Primary School Teachers Mistreated By Parents – 2 Cases In One Day

Two teachers working in primary schools in Mauritius have had to bear the brunt of angry parents this week. While one of them was threatened by some parents for having scolded their child, the other was slapped by a furious parent while discussing the performance of the pupil. The teachers’ union commented that they might eventually organise a sit-in because of this situation.


The youth of nowadays has its own characteristic problems: unprecedented indiscipline, lack of good manners and etiquette, violence, you name it. Of course, this is not the case for all of our youth, but we cannot deny the degradation of values that has been undermining our societies. So many cases of teachers being mistreated by students and parents alike have flooded the news. What is the cause behind? What has happened to the education of the new generations such that they behave so erratically? Well, as they say, charity starts at home. Maybe, that’s where the problem lies?

Some decades ago, parents would discipline their children in ways that the younger generation knows practically nothing about. On top of this, the parents would also give the green light to teachers to do the same. That was the mindset of long ago. Now, if teachers so much as reprimand pupils for something wrong they did, parents land up at school the very next day to have the teachers themselves ‘reprimanded’. Many teachers have been complaining of this issue for a while now. The situation does not seem to abate; even secondary school teachers have been facing similar plights.

This week has started quite badly for two teachers. A teacher from a primary school in Lallmatie decided to meet with the parents of one of her pupils to discuss the latter’s performance. During the ‘discussion’, the parent of the child slapped the teacher. Baam. Just like that. This incident happened on Monday 14th of July. On the same day, a teacher from a school in Quatre-Bornes, as well as the headmaster of the educational institution were threatened by parents of a student, after the teacher in question had scolded the child. The latter was said to have been disturbing the class. When his parents learned of this, they went to the school, accompanied by bouncers to ‘talk’ to the teacher.

The Government Teachers’ Union (GTU) seems to now have had enough of this situation. They will do a sit-in if they deem it necessary. They argue that it is inacceptable for only 13 out of 280 primary schools to have security guards. According to him, not less than 75 schools need to have security guards in the immediate future.

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