Private Enterprises Employees’ Union in Mauritius Deplore Work Conditions

The union for employees working in the private sector has recently decried the work conditions of certain sectors, together with what they view as meager salaries. For instance, female housekeepers of schools are paid less than Rs 1 500, while they do not even have casual and sick leaves.


One of those things that really sucks in life sure is being underpaid. According to a study, thousands of employees of the private sector have salaries of not more than Rs 5000. Even the remuneration does not exceed Rs 6 000. As a consequence, members of the Private Enterprises Employees’ Union have deplored the work conditions and meager salaries.

Additionally, they have highlighted how female housekeepers of primary and secondary schools are “overexploited”. The stats show that more than 500 women are employed under contract through the Parent Teacher’s Association. The salary of these women amount to a meager Rs 1 500. Their conditions of work are not to be envied either. They have no casual and sick leaves. No bonus at the end of the year either.

Another profession on the list is those who work with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) dealing with physically-disabled children. The NGOs pay the employees from the subsidies they obtain from the government, which are not regarded as decent-enough salaries. The union for private sector employees therefore wishes to have the government consider these cases of ‘overexploitation’.

The union has a number of demonstrations on its schedule. From the 1st of August to the 6th of October, they have organised peaceful demonstrations to have their voices heard.

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