Rainy & Windy Weather To Persist This Week

The island is currently bearing the brunt of an anticyclone – explains the windy and rainy weather. This is to persist during this week, according to meteorologists. Thereafter, the situation will be improved, with normalised temperatures.

windy weather

July is known to be one of the coldest months of the year. Winter reaches its peak during July and August, whereby the temperature hits new lows. The meteorological services have notified the public that the average temperature will progress further down the decreasing trend until at least tomorrow. This week will be particularly punctuated by a rainy and windy weather, according to the forecasts.

While the wind seems to decline in intensity, the weather will remain pretty much grim this week. The central plateau as well as the east and south of the island will be drenched in rain as a result of an anticyclone near Mauritius and Rodrigues. The anticyclone is, however, gradually moving away from the two islands. However, for now, the anticyclone will keep on influencing the weather as long as it does not recede completely. The public is cautioned to stay away from the sea.

At the end of this week, the anticylone will have retreated. Thereafter, the temperature will also increase. Thus, the weather is expected to improve following the coming days.

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