Reading From An Early Age Develops Intelligence Further According To Scientists

A new research study has shown that reading at an early age impacts on one’s intelligence later in life. The more someone acquires reading skills when very young, the greater the chance of him to develop his intellect.

intelligence and reading

Reading kills ignorance, like probably no other educating tool. It aids to broaden one’s horizons while nourishing the intellect with extensive vocabulary, facts about the past and present world, and at the same time triggering one’s imagination to develop. Intelligent people are often associated with reading skills. Now, the question is, do intelligent people read, or is it the other way round: does reading create intelligent people? While the first is what is generally considered to be true, researchers have now hinted at the latter: that reading buds off intelligence.

Acquiring reading skills from an early age is considered to be highly beneficial to the development of an individual. A new study has just added weight to this idea, by showing that the earlier a person starts to read well, the more intelligent is he likely to become in the future. The researchers from the University of Edinburgh and King’s College London are positive that tackling reading problems since an early age itself might impact positively on the cognitive faculties essential for an individual throughout his life.

The results generated by the researchers demonstrated a correlation between reading ability and future intelligence: the earlier one learns reading, the more intelligent is he apt to become, thereby emphasizing the importance of teaching young kids to read.

The participants of the study were identical twins, the latter being the ideal subjects for study of this topic because they have the same genes, implying that any difference between them would be mostly due to ‘nurture’ and not to ‘nature’. Therefore, it was easier to gauge the effect of reading habits on one’s intellectual power, having the cancelled the possibility of the effect of superior genes.

If the implications of the study are true that the art of reading has an impact on intelligence, this could become the new avenue for educators to guide their students to.

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