Unexplained: River in China Turns Red Overnight

A river in China has apparently turned blood red overnight. Weird things are indeed happening in our world lately. After the giant hole in Siberia, and a week full of plane crashing, now a river has turned crimson red in Wenzhou, China.


According to reports from Chinese media, the residents of Wenzhou, woke up yesterday (24 July 2014) with a puzzled mind to discover that the city river was blood red in color. The residents have confirmed that there are no chemical plants along the upper stream of the river and it’s the first time something like this has happened.

Some local residents told China Radio International (news agency) that at 04:00 A.M the water was flowing normally and that it started to become red at about 06:00. By 07:00 yesterday morning the river was already crimson red.

Authorities from the Wenzhou Environmental Protection Bureau have taken samples to analyze and discover the cause of this weird “happening”.

red river china


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