Rodrigues Alarmed Over Mauritius Trochetia’s Mechanical Problems Yesterday

Yesterday, the crew of the ship Mauritius Trochetia faced certain difficulties approaching the quay of Rodrigues – the ship could not be geared in the reverse direction. Soon after performing some maneuvers, the ship succeeded in approaching the quay and the passengers disembarked. However, this incident has added up to the worries of the Rodrigues population.

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Yesterday, on the 2nd of July, the ship Mauritius Trochetia encountered technical problems near the port of Rodrigues at Port-Mathurin. As it was approaching the quay of Port-Mathurin, the ship’s captain noticed that the reverse gear was not functioning properly. As a consequence, the captain decided to change direction in the opposite way and left the port via the channel that leads to the deep waters. Passengers on-board panicked, thinking that the ship was returning to Mauritius.

However, shortly afterwards, the Mauritius Trochetia was again maneuvered towards the channel leading to the quay of Port Mathurin. Once it reached the port, it was able to approach to the quay easily enough, to the joy of the passengers who were returning to their island after a trip to Mauritius.

The incident seems of negligible importance. But, not so for the population of Rodrigues. Ever since Mauritius Trochetia has been made the single ship making trips to and from Rodrigues because of the inactivity of the ship Mauritius Pride as from January of this year, they have been specially worried lest the Mauritius Trochetia is inadequate to meet their needs of travel to and from the two islands. They would wonder as to what would happen to their regular activities if the Mauritius Trochetia encountered mechanical properties hence rendering it unable to make the journey to Rodrigues. The authorities have already been contacted several times concerning the issue. Now, the recent incident has made the situation even more tense than it already was for the people of Rodrigues.

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