Rs 5 Fee To Use Public Toilets in Curepipe

As a solution to putting an end to acts of vandalism perpetrated in public toilets in Curepipe, the mayor decided to charge people of a Rs 5 fee if they are to use public toilets. However, a specified group of the people working in the region will not be charged the fee.

Rs 5 fee for toilets

As from this month, people using the public toilets in the town of Curepipe will have to pay a fee of Rs 5. This initiative of the municipality of Curepipe, however, is not being welcomed by all. Does this imply that hygiene-abiding toilets are not a priority to some? It is a fact that paid toilets are cleaner than those used for free, since people doing the cleaning up do so more regularly, and, generally, when people are made to pay for something, they tend to take more care of the amenity as opposed to when they use it for free, thereby taking it for granted. The mayor, Mario Bienvenu, argued that the concept of paid toilets does not put the public at a disadvantage. Rather, the purpose is to provide a “5-star service” to Mauritians.

This initiative has come forth following a number of complaints concerning the public toilets. Every time the toilets are refurbished, they would be damaged by vandals. With the payment system, people will be employed to be entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the place is secured. Besides, the cleaning procedures will be more coordinated.

The Rs 5 fee will not be applicable for everyone. Physically disabled people, bus conductors and drivers, as well as those working in the market of Curepipe will not pay for the use of the toilets. They will be given an access card so that they do not have to pay.

Not everyone is happy with the decision though. Ananda Rajoo, the MMM advisor at the municipality of Curepipe, is of the view that the motivation of the authorities are based on the money-making aspect of the project. He claims that posting someone at the entrance of toilets would have been enough to put an end to the problem of vandalism. According to him, the privatisation of toilets is not a solution since toilets are supposed to be a public service.

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