Rs 76952000 of Fines Issued For Speeding Drivers in Between January to June 2014

Speed cameras have flashed 38 476 speeding drivers from January 2014 to June 2014. The fines issued as a result have brought Rs 76952000 to the State. The statistics indicate that the year 2014 will witness an increase in the number of fines; in 2013, Rs 124 millions were amassed as fines from drivers encroaching on speed limits.

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With the advent of the speed cameras along the Mauritian roads, drivers have been caught speeding like never before. The speed cameras posted along the roads amount to 36 in total. While the purpose is to uphold road traffic regulations, many drivers have not been pleased – surely those who like the thrills high speeds give. Oh, and remember just some months ago a man had even chopped off the speed camera that had caught him speeding.  All goes to say that the speed cameras have been doing their job.

38476 Speed Camera Flash Between January 2014 to June 2014

According to the latest statistics of the Traffic Branch, 38 476 drivers have been flashed by the speed cameras from the 1st of January of this year to the 30th of June. It goes without saying that these cases have brought in huge amounts of money into the coffers of the state: from January till the end of June, Rs 76 952 000 have been amassed as fines from the speeding drivers. Last year, Rs 124 millions were collected as fines from the 62 226 drivers who had breached speed limits – a feat only possible thanks to the speed cameras. The new statistics now suggest that an increased number of fines will be issued for the whole year of 2014.

In 2013, the speed camera situated at Roche-Bois got the greatest number of speeding drivers, while this year, it is the one at the by-pass of Triolet which broke the record with 4797 cases flashed.

Now, what about those cameras that do not flash? Are they no more functional? According to the police force, they very much are. They are operating perfectly, and while the flash is visible at night, it is not so conspicuous in the morning.

As a consequence of these new measures, 45 240 drivers have been accumulating the points on their Driving Licence Counterpart. Among these, two drivers have had their driving licenses suspended for six months.

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