Secret Negotiations With Kidnappers In The Krishna Rambojun Case?

As the days have passed by, little progress has been made regarding the case of Krishna Rambojun. His car was found, with the side window broken – but, still no sign of him. Are undercover negotiations being made between his family and the kidnappers? Will foreign help have to be sought to get to the root of the matter?


What has happened to Krishna Rambojun, Mauritian who had travelled to Madagascar for work purposes? Some days back, it was reported that he is missing. Speculations of kidnapping were made, but nothing was confirmed. The police force of Madagascar had initially refrained from making any comment. Nor did his family say anything in this regard. The Mauritian Minister of Foreign Affairs only said that he is following the case ever since it was brought to his attention. But, otherwise, he was not officially informed of this case. What could have happened?

Reporters from Madagascar have stated that secret negotiations are possibly being made between the kidnappers and the family of the missing Mauritian. Is Krishna Ramjobun really in the custody of kidnappers? How is he? Questions that have remained without definite answers for a while now.

While Krishna Rambojun remains missing, his car was found damaged. The side-window of the Hyundai ix35 was broken, but no sign of the man was found. The evidence amassed so far point to the possibility that his car was intentionally hit by another vehicle in the rear, as attested by the signs of collision found on the car. Perhaps, Krishna Rambojun tried to lock himself up in his vehicle, and thus the criminals broke the window to get hold of him, which would explain the broken car window.

In these cases, foreign expertise might have to be sought. In 2012, another Mauritian was kidnapped, and French experts had to manage the case.

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