Selling of Puppies Along The Streets of Port Louis

The streets of Port-Louis have been buzzing with the advent of an unusual activity: the selling of puppies by the road sides. Some passers-by allege having witnessed the traders mistreating the animals, and have hence informed an animal welfare association.

puppies for sale in Port-LouisNowadays, pavements lining the streets of Port-Louis as well as the city’s market are marked with quite an unconventional activity. People have been engaging themselves in the selling of puppies of less than one month old. Tied at the neck, the puppies have been put on sale on the sides of the road and in the vicinity of the capital’s market for all and sundry to check them out. The sight of the puppy stalls has shocked more than one though.

While the authorities have turned a blind eye to the activities so far (no action has been taken in spite of the fact that the market of Port-Louis is very much near a police station), passers-by have taken photographs of the scene sending them to the Mauritius Society of Animal Welfare (MSAW). According to a witness, the puppies are being ill-treated by the traders. He attested that he saw a trader lifting a puppy by one of the front legs in a violent manner; hence, he alerted the MSAW of these activities.

The officials of the MSAW stated that they will be sending investigators to the site of the sale of puppies to make a visual assessment of the suspicious activity. If need be, they will contact the Animal Welfare Unit, the body responsible for the rearing and selling of animals. It was further added that the police does have the authority to deal with this issue, specially after the implementation of the Animal Welfare Act in July 2013.

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