Ship Found Under World Trade Center Dates Back To 1773

The ship discovered in July 2010 under a street near the World Trae Center site in Manhattan is said to date back to 1773, two years before the Revolutionary War. Archaeologists have been studying the ship to find out about its origin.

ship world trade center

Four years ago, a ship was spotted underneath the debris left at the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan. Yea you read it right: A SHIP! The unearthed vessel is said to date back to 1773, according to the researchers from the Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory who worked on the remains. They found that it was made of wood cut from around that time – in 1773, prior to the Revolutionary War. 1773 was two years before the outburst of the war, and three years before the treaty Declaration of Independence was signed.



The origin of the ship

The ship’s frame was made of a white oak. This material was taken from a forest in Philadelphia. It was also found to be of the same material as that used to construct the Independence Hall of the city. It is incredible as to the amount of information the scientists drew from what remained of the vessel which has lasted for more than two centuries.

Now, how did the ship wind up at lower Manhattan? The experts say it sunk in the Hudson River as landfill as part of an extension project.

How was it found?

In July 2012, it was discovered under a street which was near construction grounds of the complex of the World Trade Center tower after the latter crumbled down. The part of the vessel found made 9.7 meters, and it was deep into the ground: 6.9 m under the said street.

The new toy for archaeologists

The experts in archaeology broke down the vessel into pieces. Then, they freeze-dried the planks for study purposes. The pieces were later put together.

Not one of its kind…

This discovery is the second one of its kind. In 1982, archaeologists found a cargo ship on Water Street dating back from the 18th century.

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