Supertote Refuses To Pay Pick 8 Winner After Teller’s Mistake

A man from Rodrigues claims that he should have won Rs 40 000 after having played a Pick 8 via Teletote. He did not receive ‘his due’ because of a mistake that was made by the Teller who input his number.

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So, it looks like he won, but he did not? Pretty much that. A Teletote player from Rodrigues claims that he played a Pick 8 during the horse racing event of the 5th of July. Later on, he found that his combination was the lucky one – he says the number was drawn from the lucky draw. However, when he contacted the company, they told him that he had not, in fact, won the Rs 40 000 he was expecting to have. The staff of the betting company explained that a mistake was made by the Teller who repeated the numbers.

Now, the man is angry claiming that he is not responsible for the mistake done by someone else, and that he should be having ‘his due’.

The Managing Director of Supertote commented on the situation, saying that players should be aware of the rules and regulations governing the game. If they play by phone, they have to communicate their bet to the phone operator, who then, in turn, repeats the bet so that the players are validated. If, for instance, the Teller repeats the wrong number while the player does not correct him, no blame will be upon the former, because the player himself did not do anything.

And, that was how the man lost his Rs 40, 000 for rightly predicting the winners of 8 consecutive races.

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