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GTA 5 in Mauritius: Thief Steals JCB From Airport To Park At Home

A young man of Grand-Bois stole a JCB in the vicinity of the SSR airport, and drove it home. When the theft was notified to the police, the latter looked into the matter, and discovered the stolen vehicle in the yard of the thief a day later – easily stolen, easily found.

jcb mauritius

Generally, thieves aim at stealing valuable objects in the most covert of ways so as to draw the least amount of attention to their dealings. Some, though, just don’t care. An inhabitant of Grand-Bois, twenty-one years old, seems to be fond of playing GTA, but in real life.

He wound up at a construction ground at the SSR airport in Mauritius, eyed the object of his desire, and rode in it to his place. That’s how you steal a JCB of Rs 3.2 millions! Just like that. He kept the stolen vehicle in his very own yard, without caring whether or not he’d be spotted.

Officers from the Criminal Investigation Division found the stolen JCB at his place on Saturday 21st of July – just a day after his feat. When the theft was noticed, the police of Plaine-Magnien was notified. In no time did they trace the steps of the thief to his place to find the JCB.

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