Upcoming: VivaGel Anti HIV Condoms That Kills HIV Virus

Coming soon: A new type of condom that actually kills HIV virus. You’ve been informed. Curbing the increasing trend of sexually transmitted diseases has long since been the aim of many a scientist. Reliable preventive measures are to be formulated in order to prevent the spread of the viruses which account for the diseases. A new gel, known as the VivaGel, has been made with this goal in mind. It is to be used as a coating on condoms, acting as a further barrier to viruses which might travel to and fro reproductive tracts during sexual contact.


Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are wreaking havoc in both industrialised and industrialising worlds. The numbers have reached new peaks, and it doesn’t look like it is going to decrease to safe levels any soon; AIDS, herpes, being among these diseases. Hence, scientists have put in considerable efforts in research works to find out a cure for HIV-positive patients, or at least, effective ways to curb the spreading of the virus.

A newly-devised method entails a gel to be used as coating on condoms. The gel, known as VivaGel, is an antiviral substance which decreases the risk of having viruses responsible for STDs to be transmitted among sexual partners. The gel is called astrodrimer sodium. It has been observed to act against viruses responsible for AIDS and herpes. It was also proven to be effective against human papillomavirus (HPV).

Why going the extra mile? Why adding up a gel to condoms which are already used as a preventive method for STDs? Condoms are indeed efficient in decreasing the spread of the disease. But, they are not 100 % reliable. There still exists the chance of it not functioning as barrier to deadly viruses. Applying the gel coat to condoms would provide an additional protection, further preventing viruses from being transmitted from person to person during the sexual act.

The product will be put on the markets now that it has been certified. Very soon will VivaGEl-coated condoms be made available to consumers and hopefully you will have these in Mauritius pharmacies and hypermarkets too.

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